A Few Client Case Studies

1. The Blockchain U - Facebook ads & Google search ads strategy & management

Facebook Ad campaign
Google Ads campaign

They are  Silicon Valley based education initiative providing offline classes focusing on Blockchain, Distributed Ledger technologies & Machine Learning.

Situation / Business Challenges:

  • They wanted to generate ticket sales for their offline Machine Learning (ML) Bootcamp
  • They were short on time and only had around 18-20 days till the actual bootcamp.


  • Generate at least 10 admissions for the bootcamp
  • Generate awareness for the same


Based on the situation analysis, desired objective and discussion with the management, I proposed and implemented the following:

  • Starting the campaign with Facebook Ads where I tested 2 different ads for a period of 3-4 days and went ahead with the better performing ad.
  • A Google Ads campaign which would reach out to prospects searching for Machine Learning Course on Google. There were a total of 5 ad variations created and used across each of the ad groups. Ad extensions were also used viz: Callout extensions and Promotion extensions. These helped further enhance the ads.
  • A Facebook Event on their Facebook Page and shared it with relevant groups on Facebook for increased reach and awareness
  • A 2nd Facebook ad variation to supplement the main Facebook ad to boost the results


For Facebook ads:

  • Location: United States: San Francisco
  • Age: 25 – 40

People Who Match: Certain interests (Confidential as per client requirement)

For Google ads:

  • Location: United States: San Francisco
  • Network: Google Search Network only
  • Bidding Strategy: Initially Manual CPC & then Enhanced CPC
  • 5 ad groups were created based on themes related to the topic
  • The Keywords in these ad groups each had Modified broad match, Phrase match and Exact match for better match with search queries.

Campaign Outcome:  The main Facebook ad variation had:

  • Consistent Relevance score of 9,
  • A healthy Click through rate (CTR) of 1.46%
  • A Cost per click (CPC) of 0.64

The Google search ad campaign had:

  • Click through rate (CTR) of 1.9% along with
  • An avg Cost per click (CPC) of $2.33.  

By the end of the campaign we were able to generate 5 admissions for the bootcamp resulting in revenue of $2.1K against an spend of $400.

2. Eyedentity Entertainment​ - Facebook Ads strategy & management

They are a company which promotes shows for Hindi & English theatre across the India. 

Situation / Business Challenges:

  • They were really short on time and only had around 20 days till the actual show.
  • They had invested quite a bit into offline marketing and wanted to implement digital marketing to supplement it but had a relatively small budget for the same.


  • To drive lead generation / 10-15 ticket sales for their Theatrical show
  • Create awareness for the show.


  • Taking into account their situation, I proposed them:
  • The best way to achieve their objective would be using Paid ads on Facebook and Google search.
  • But due to limited budget I recommended going ahead with Facebook Ads considering the fact that we would be able reach their target audience in a better way as a result of Facebook’s Interest driven targeting.
  • As part of the campaign, I created the Ad plan including the ad copy and the landing page. The landing page had 2 call to actions – someone could RSVP for the event OR book tickets directly via a link to Bookmyshow.com


  • Age- 25 to 55, people interested in stage(theatre), play(theatre), theatre, entertainment, Location- Thane

Campaign Outcome: The Facebook ads campaign successfully generated 15 RSVP leads out of which at least 12 paid at the venue generating revenue of around Rs.15000 at an ad spend of Rs.2000. There were also many people who preferred to book using the BookMyshow.com link.

3. InterSources Inc - Digital Marketing, SEO strategy & management

intersources website screenshot
InterSources Inc Website redevelopment and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

They are a US based Staffing services and IT solutions provider.

Situation / Business Challenges:

  • They had web presence via their company website, Facebook page & LinkedIn page.
  • They had never implemented any type of digital marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website.
  • The website itself was outdated in terms of design and content
  • The Facebook and LinkedIn pages were being used only to announce open positions they were hiring for and not for creating brand awareness or reach.


  • Create brand awareness
  • Lead generation through the company website


Based on the situation analysis, desired objective and discussion with the management, I proposed and implemented the following:

  • To revamp the company website. I spearheaded the website redevelopment project that introduced a responsive platform, decreasing page load, an overall improved user experience along with On-Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and implementation of an automated website chat bot for lead capture.
  • A social media marketing plan which included a regular content calendar along with ORM.
  • Paid promotion was not included since they did not have any budget for the same.

Campaign Outcome: The proposed strategies resulted in increased brand awareness and signs of a significant increase in traffic to their website.

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